Game Rentals

For as many games as I play, I don’t end up buying that many. While there are some games I love having in my collection, I’ve realized that some games I’ve bought have been played one or two times. They’re fine, but in the end I would’ve preferred not to purchase them. Recently I’ve been relying pretty heavily on Board Game Exchange, an online game rental service. Similar to Netflix, you put some games in your queue and wait for them to ship to your home.

For a new operation they’re pretty fast at turning your orders around and excellent customer service, so I highly recommend giving them a try. It sounds like a home-grown operation and they’re adding new games all the time. Like Netflix, you can choose from a few service levels to receive as many games as fits your schedule. The best option is your ability to purchase the game you’ve received instead of returning it, giving you a great way to preview and test games before you plunge and make the purchase.