Aaron Lynch

Steve Jackson, designer of the popular Dungeons & Dragons parody Munchkin, launched a kickstarter project to publish his very first game design project, Ogre.  Originally developed in 1977, Ogre is a strategy game of monstrous proportions. But seriously, the game box measures 21.5” x 18.25” x 4+” and weighs 13 lbs.

The game has already been backed by more than 2,400 people and raised more than $425,000, which is approximately 2100% of Jackson’s target goal.

This game appears to attract hardcore strategy gamers.  While I have never played the game, I imagine based on the kickstarter project is it similar to Shogun, Risk and other highly technical strategy board games.

You can support the project and get your $100 pre-order edition of the game for a few more days on kickstarter.

The next stretch goal for the game is $450,000 and will allow every game to include ogre miniatures.

Certainly, this is not to be missed.

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