Find a New Game

Jordan Barber

Think of it like Amazon’s recommendations algorithm, but for board games. Mark O’Conner’s simple, clean site Find a New Game lays out an assortment of popular games for you to like or dislike. Keep pressing until you stumble upon something that looks interesting.

I played around with it for a bit–I’ve heard about most of these games, they look like solid choices. My problem isn’t that I can’t find a game, it’s that I see too many games I want to try. That said, I often change my priorities based on things like Board Game Geek’s hot list or yearly awards. I appreciate that Find a New Game approaches game choice from the crowd-source angle, recommending games based on other’s choices. I find the approach similar to the Apples Project, a game award that tries to pick the best games in a category regardless of publication date, giving a good selection of ‘must try’ games.

I think my only wish for Find a New Game would be to deepen the game selection a bit. Or maybe to ‘like’ general categories or mechanics…I think I’m getting ahead of myself.