Board Game Remix: Are You 4 Real?

Aaron Lynch

Have you ever wanted to insult your friends without seeming like a complete bitch? Do you ever feel limited by your inability to scream at people without reason? Have you ever felt that if you didn’t tell your friend she looks like a fugly skank, you would be lying? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to pick up a copy of Are You 4 Real? — the game where you can verbally accost your friends and get away with it.  Best played by between two and four players, this game provides the opportunity to fool friends through insults.

In any given round, participants can be broken down into two categories: insulters and insultees.  The oldest player starts the game as the first insulter by screaming something like, “your face reminds me of the circus!” to the person of their choosing — the insultee. The player to their left picks a different insultee and must utter a fouler, meaner insult than the first, for instance, “your pantyhose smell like balls.”

Play continues clockwise until an “insultee” presses the button in front of them and the electronic game recording shouts: “ARE YOU FOR REAL?” at which time the insulter has to answer whether they are “just joking” or being “ for real.”

Players must move their pawn forward if they either fail to up-the-insult-ante or are caught “just joking” by the insultee. The first player to hit the center of the board loses the game.

Receiving a 2012 Mensa International Award, Are You 4 Real? is a fun and creative way to cut down your friends’ confidence and finally have an excuse to let your psychotic bitch hair down without losing all your friends — 4 real.

Board Game Remix a series about imaginary games based on a real game cover.